Embedded Systems Design, HW/SW Co-Design and High-Level Synthesis

SpaceStudio accelerates the design of embedded systems through the use of hw/sw co-design and high-level synthesis (HLS). SpaceStudio works at a higher level called ESL, or electronic system level, design. SpaceStudio’s technology allows electronics designers to efficiently design and verify hardware, by giving them better control over the optimization of their design architecture, as it enables the designer to specify or model their design at a higher level of abstraction while the tool does the lower level RTL implementation and verification.

HW/SW Co-Design Results in Faster Design of Embedded Systems

SpaceStudio offers:
  • While most competitors focus on ESL for hardware design only, SpaceStudio also supports software design. Its technology enables transformation of code between hardware and software implementation (expressed by drag & dropin the GUI editor), with the software apps running on standard OSes like VxWorks and Micrium’s Micro-C
  • SpaceStudio is the only embedded systems development tool with an innovative drag & drop mechanism

  • HW/SW co-design with SpaceStudio means design exploration iterates in parallel on both hardware and software, instead of one and then the other in turn
  • Performance analysis is supported by non-intrusive system monitoring in both hardware and software domains
  • Generating the hardware and software together this way increases quality as they will integrate well in the future

End-to-End Automated HW/SW Co-Design - from High Level to Low Level

SpaceStudio Design Within Your Embedded Systems Design Flow

Space Codesign supports engineers from the early stages of design to implementation. The design, exploration and analysis steps are as follows:
  • First, you explore your applications at the functional/specification level, for instance C/C++/SystemC (algorithm)
  • Then you define the architecture design you want (processor, bus, etc.) and map your applications (still in C/C++/SystemC)
  • With applications and architecture, mapping, refinement and analysis to design exploration are fast in ESL. Many case studies can be analyzed
  • Changes to applications and/or architecture can be fast to iterate: Simply update and re-analyze!
In traditional electronics design, the hardware platform is designed first. Software development starts later. SpaceStudio’s embedded systems design software allows engineers to evaluate hardware and software options fast, at the same time, in parallel, and achieve up to 30% reduction in product development time with improved quality.